CARRERA AR01 the authentic racing bike dedicated to professionals.

AR01 is the racing bike born to win: with your AR01 you will make a difference on the road, thanks to the technical characteristics that distinguish it both thanks to its absolute stylistic perfection.
The new design of the Carrera Podium workshops is in fact a racing bike without compromise: light, rigid, aerodynamic, extremely precise and performing. The geometry of the main triangle, the rear wagon, the integration solutions adopted for the driving cockpit and the perfect weight balance make the AR01 the professional racing bike.
driveability and security have reached unprecedented levels and are immediately perceived on any kind of journey.
The overall rigidity is remarkable and does nothing to hide: in the phases of relaunching the pedal the rear carriage is granite, which is felt even more on the pace at high speed.

CARRERA AR01 takes speed without losing any energy, thanks to a stable and very balanced chassis. In ascent the overall stiffness of the frame gives an excellent feeling: every pedal stroke transmits 100% of the force to the ground, without bending any kind, even in the high speed corners, the result is surprising.
The main triangle has an oblique tube with an oversized section and a compact and minimalist lateral profile; the horizontal tube has been deliberately kept high to join it to the integrated and aerodynamic stem. Thanks to the use of new carbon fibers (high modulus and special resins) and of a particular molding system, the rear carriage, even if very rigid, can also "dampen even the slightest irregularities of the ground".
The fork with the new design is precise and very reactive to even violent braking. These constructive solutions allow great stability and at the same time guarantee unparalleled driveability even in technical descents.
But the CARRERA AR01 is also a racing bike of extreme beauty: the handlebar mount integrated in the frame allows to insert the cables inside the frame, thus offering a very clean and essential line. It also allows the assembly of three different brake solutions, all with hidden cables: a fundamental plus for the complete customization of your competition vehicle.

AR01 born to make you win!


CARRERA Erakle Air: the comfort of speed dedicated to all true fans!

The Erakle Air is the racing bike of the Carrera Podium range that best meets the need for a perfect balance between aerodynamic characteristics, stiffness and driving comfort.
As the AR-01 is in fact equipped with elements of the chassis with aerodynamic profiles, NACA 00XX with a truncated tail, able to maintain a low aerodynamic coefficient and a high torsional stiffness. The boundary layer of the air remains well adherent to the surfaces of the pipes and free of turbulent motions. But Erakle Air is above all the racing bike that combines aerodynamic performance with unrivaled driving comfort. In fact, thanks to the in-depth study of materials, piping geometry and chassis, the overall stiffness of the frame increases ensuring the perception of stability and safety on any demanding route.

Erakle Air has also obtained approval from the International Federation , like other CARRERA racing bikes , thanks to the development of frame and fork with cross sections complying with the sporting regulations required by the UCI.
As with other CARRERA models, the Erakle Air racing bike features notable technical features that make it easy to use with different equipment. For example the predisposition for fixing a direct mount brake both under the horizontal sliders and above the vertical sheaths, allows the user to choose between the aerodynamic configuration and the comfort one. In addition, the topology of the command transmission cables make the CARRERA Erakle Air compatible with both electronic and mechanical groups. Moreover, thanks to the special integrated cable guide plate under the moving box, the control cables remain perfectly suspended inside the frame and free from interference with the internal surfaces of the frame.
Conical steering for 1 "1/8 above and 1" 1/4 under steering, seat post with aero profile, integrated seatpost clamp and Ø41 press fit movement box, are further features that make the Erakle Air a modern chassis and optimal for all racing bike enthusiasts.

Erakle Air the comfort of speed!

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