Carrera TTS 01 a real time machine to dominate in Chronometers and Triathlon.

CARRERA TTS 01 is the result of a skilful technological research, designed, built and assembled entirely in Italy in the Carrera Podium workshops.
The TTS 01 imposes itself on the cycling market as the best solution for the time trial and Triathlon long distance and no draft races.

The highest technological level that the Carrera Podium has developed for its cyclists.
First of all, the frame is made with a special hybrid technology able to join parts made with the autoclave system with the banded technology, thus obtaining the advantages of both: high mechanical performance and flexibility of construction of the frame. Thanks to the use of a hybrid construction technology it is also possible, for special needs, to create customized geometries, designed to meet specific ergonomic or cycling requirements.
Furthermore, the four available standard geometries have been optimized thanks to the innovative "stack & reach" method, which, by optimizing the distance of the steering wheel from the center of the movement box, has made it possible to standardize the sizes and equispize them on one straight line.
As far as aerodynamic efficiency is concerned, the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) study has made it possible to achieve a good compromise between aerodynamic drag, stiffness and sporting regulations envisaged by the UCI.
 In detail you can see the particular shapes of the graft of the vertical sliders and of the steering area included between the steering tube, the down tube and the fork head.
As can be easily understood these two areas have been the subject of careful aerodynamic studies , which have allowed to maintain a low aerodynamic resistance and a good torsional stiffness. For the front, for example, we introduced an innovative solution called "integrated shoulders" that allows you to use a conical steering of 1 "1/8 above and 1" 1/2 below, to increase the stiffness of the bicycle at the front while maintaining a front profile almost identical to a solution with traditional 1 "1/8 under steering.
In the case of the rear part instead, the particular solution of the graft of the vertical sliders facilitates the passage of the incident air and allows the boundary layer to maintain a good grip even near the graft itself. Moreover, thanks to the two vertical sleeves well spaced from the wheel, the boundary layer sucked by rolling generates a condition of turbulence with the incident air flow, but being well away from the sheaths does not compromise the aerodynamic behavior of the two vertical backs.

As far as the cockpit is concerned, thanks to the special integrated handle bar of the CARRERA TTS 01 , which integrates cables and sheaths for the mechanical units and electrical devices for the electronic groups, the transmission systems of the controls are totally integrated . More precisely, the cables, passing from the handlebar fold directly inside the frame, remain hidden from view and air, allowing the bicycle to maintain a perfect profile clean and free of elements that can trigger the annoying detachments of the air limit layer .
The TT S01 also has a special integrated braking system that allows the brakes to be well hidden when the air passes through. Also in this case the boundary layer remains well adherent to the surfaces of the bicycle and as obvious consequence, the energy dissipations induced by the turbulent motions are reduced.
Last but not least, it is the special double-screw integrated seat support collar that guarantees maximum safety even in the most demanding conditions from the point of view of vibrations.

Excellent road holding, low aerodynamic drag and high stiffness make the TTS01 an ideal time machine for every runner.


TTS 02 The alternative Carrera for the chronomen and for the triathletes who want to try their hand at the distance between ironman and half ironman
Its main characteristic is undoubtedly the stiffness, which is not long to be perceived especially on the traits in the retilineo, that is in those to be pushed vigorously. TTS02 is in fact a highly aerodynamic bike, to be used in extreme mode for short-time trial, while in comfort mode it can also be used for triathlon.

Overall a reactive probike, good in the step, manageable in the fast corners and aesthetically very appealing, at a price absolutely accessible for this type of time trial bike!

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