CARRERA SL7: the cutting edge for professional athletes and more!

SL7 : 830g of frame and 97N / mm of stiffness in the "frame free" test: lightness and rigidity, a difficult but winning combination.
CARRERA SL7 is the racing bike designed for all those who pursue great goals, thanks to the numerous technical and mechanical features that give it the most modern and advanced equipment standards, ensuring maximum performance.
As known to all fans of the lightness and stiffness sector are characteristics that in a frame are opposed and to make them coexist it is necessary to choose with great study and accuracy both the materials and the geometry of the pipes.

In order to guarantee the rigidity, strength and workability requirements, the ideal choice is given by the T800 and M46J carbon fibers of Toray Industries Inc. ; furthermore, in order to maximize the mechanical performance of carbon fibers, the technological molding process must be at the same level: the carbon sheets must be oriented in the right directions and must be compacted to form a solid laminate free of porosity and heterogeneity.
For this reason we have chosen to use EPS (Expandable Polystyrene Shell) technology that allows the fibers to maintain the perfect orientation during the "cure" process, ie hardening of the resin and solidification of the laminate , by temperature and pressure. The result is tangible: a better internal finish of the frame, but above all a better production quality of the composite part.
The stiffness of the pipes and consequently of the whole frame is also amplified by the particular rounded shapes of the pipes and the cross sections with ratios between the two orthogonal dimensions close to 1, allowing to obtain high moments of inertia, necessary for calculating the state stress.
A further contribution is given by the particular study of the chassis nodes with which the piping set exchanges the stresses. At the saddle node, for example, the particular "flattened and widened" shape of the horizontal tube, allows a good structural continuity between vertical sheaths and horizontal tube, giving the frame a high torsional stiffness and a high reactivity during the phases of boost.
Another important example is the area of ​​the movement box: asymmetric for functional needs of housing the crank, connects horizontal slats with down tube and saddle tube. Thanks to FEM (Finite Element Method) simulations, this node could also be optimized, and as can be easily observed, the asymmetry necessary to improve the exchange of stresses has also affected the saddle tube and the oblique tube.
In addition to the purely mechanical aspects, the SL7 has considerable technical features, such as the integrated cable plate, which allows the transmission of the command transmission cables, and the special detachable sheathing latch, for the compatibility of electronic and mechanical groups. Finally, they complete the technical specifications of the SL7 racing bike the 1 "1/8 and 1" 1/4 conical steering below, the Ø31.6 seat post, the Press fit movement box Ø41 × 86 , 5 and compatibility for 25mm covers.

CARRERA SL7 the winning combination of lightness and rigidity!

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