CARRERA ER 01 the untiring travel companion over long distances.

CARRERA ER 01 is the racing bike designed for all cyclists who try long distances, guaranteeing them to sustain a certain metabolic task for as long as possible. keep the effort extended over time without decreasing performance.
The ER 01 has in fact a frame designed to be first of all comfortable, suitable for long distances and comfortable even after many hours of driving on the most varied types of routes.
Stable , with a longer steering gear for better control and handling, ER 01 is the racing bike ideal for enjoying full of the joy of pedaling.

This racing bike represents a multi-purpose product in the cycling industry, as it is equipped with a nearly traditional geometry both in the main triangle of the carbon frame and in the tube section both in the angles of the junction points.
Carrera Podium has conceived the ER 01 precisely by developing the concept of resistance and durability.
For this reason the materials and the corners of the load-bearing structure have been specially designed to ensure well-being for the cyclist. A longer wheelbase and a deliberately raised front position - to improve the level of control - form a whole with the "endurance" geometry imposed on the vehicle.
A style designed to maximize stability and maneuverability without sacrificing neither the speed nor the cue that, especially in progression with a good "trained leg", is appreciated considerably.

CARRERA ER 01 comfortable, safe and indefatigable, a true kilometer grinder!

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