Carrera Microchip
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VELENO RN: The thrill of owning a bicycle unlike any other
TTSO1: For winning time and slicing air
ERAKLE TS: Variable geometry for absolute performance
Carrera Technology & Design
SL: Racing Series
PHIBRA EVO: The form that follows function
SCATTO: High end titanium frame
Carrera Podium : Heritage of Champions


July 14, 2014 - Carrera Wears pink the bike world.

Press Release June 2014

Carrera Podium, a historical brand of  international cycling,  dressed in pink the frame of his Nitro SL. A versatile bike that perfectly adapts to the needs of women cyclists. The attention to detail and the approach tailor-made of the italian company has once again caught the attention of print and digital media thereby expanding awareness of the important Italian brand among the female audience. D – Repubblica, Tuttobiciweb, La Bicicletta, and other major magazines have reserved large print and digital editorial space to this technical challenge signed Carrera. To learn more continue to follow the news section, waiting for the proposals of the new collection.

Bike artist

A bicycle that has not been improvised by chance, but has been built from a proven 30 years professional racing experience. See which famous cyclists past and present have raced with our bikes.


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