Combine history and modernity and you get the Carrera-Podim mission. An extraordinary racing experience, gained in professional teams that have won the Giro d’Italy, Tour de France and hundreds of classic around the world. All this has planted deep roots here today, thanks to this ability to think of your bike. Three stages – innovation, craftsmanship and quality after sales – to move from history to future.

Innovation, research & design

Every step that leads to the finished product is both a goal and a departure. To design a bicycle, develop the design, measure it in the wind tunnel. Carefully choose the materials, build the parts, friction and resistance to challenge. Assemble the shapes, place on test beds, deciding lines and colors. A perfect bike, which incorporates advanced technologies, discipline forms and free the imagination.

Best of italian craftsmanship

Italian cycling changes the way the world thinks of the bike. Cutting-edge technology, contemporary materials, studies developed in the departments of
R & D . What matters is the skill of the technicians, true artisans of the 21st century, only in assembling models, inspired by the anthropometric measures of customer and his wishes. Masters of design, color artists, mechanics of precision: the best of the Italian Job.

Size on demand & customer care

When a bicycle Carrera-Podium leaves the departments of construction, we continue in thinking of it. We ask you to register it on our site, to be updated continuously. Why do not we leave you alone? ​​the quality of our work is measured in the choice of the authorized dealer after-sales service. The quality of a bicycle Carrera-Podium is forever.

Podium Carrera Factory

Combining history with the future of cycling. This gives rise to the strength of the Podium - Born in Calcinato (Bs) in 1989. A story that began long ago, the experience of David Boifava (professional cyclist and then team manager) with the help of another former rider, Luciano Bracchi (head of deign and production). Podium was the first manufacturer of bicycles with rear carbon couplings in aluminum structure, proposing the joint use of ceramics, magnesium and aluminum to the design of particualr carbon fiber bikes (phibra) .Over 50% of production is devoted to European markets, the east and do important countries of Oceania and the Americas. For years, Carrera bikes are made 'to size' eaccording to clients requests. Available in dozens of colorful displays, assembled in different systems and racing, trail, time trial, track or cross verisons. Story comes in the form of the future.